Thursday, September 23, 2010

That's all she wrote!

Hey kids. There's no getting around it now - summer is officially over. There are no loop holes this time and I'm going to have to face it. I have to tell you - I feel pretty good about Autumn coming. It's my absolute favorite time of year and I'm just fine with summer ending. I think I just heard a collective gasp shudder through the universe, but it's the truth. I will not miss it. This summer was just. Too. Hot.

I did OK on my list, too. I did 6 out of 11, which ain't too shabby. Also, I did two things that were pretty cool that weren't on my list.

I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. I've lived in NYC for 8 years and have never done it and I was pretty thrilled on that random Saturday afternoon. It was all totally random - started out in Chinatown with random, unplanned dim sum and ended walking across the Bridge to a BBQ in Brooklyn. Lovely.

I also did this crazy taco truck crawl through Queens. I found out about it from Jeffery Tastes, who hosts all kinds of these crawls. I think I ate a total of 3 tacos, which is a lot and, at the same time, isn't very much. I don't think I took full advantage of all the goings on and fully plan to go the next time he organizes one. With a big group of Queens peeps. (I'm also considering going back to this particular truck, 'cause it was soooo good.)

I have some finished knitting projects that I'd like to share with you, but I've yet to take decent pictures. Also, my life it pretty much totally preoccupied with The Great Apartment Search. I'll be checking out until that is over.

In the mean time, I'm going to watch Vampire Diaries. No, I'm not kidding. Later!

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CityMinx said...

i agree. waaaayyyyy too hot. i only went to the biergarten once! but soon is scarf and boot and tights season, yay!