Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Between then and now

This weekend marks the half-way mark of the summer and I thought it was a good time to revisit my list.

Mermaid Parade (hello Mr. Lou Reed!) Check!
(Finally) visit City Island
P.S. 1's Summer Warm Up series
The Bronx Zoo
Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor's Island Maybe next year?
Shakespeare in the Park (starring Al Pacino!!) This proved to be nearly impossible.
more bike rides (see above picture) Check! Including an epic one two weeks ago. More later.
Luke's lobster rolls at Hester Street Market
watch as many World Cup games as possible I did watch the Final with some peeps in Queens.
finish my quilt! Plans for this are underway!
4th of July on Governor's Island (featuring She & Him) Check! And double check!!!

These photos are from a trip to Brooklyn about a month ago. We went to a place in South Park Slope/North Sunset Park called Milan's and it was awesome.

It is self-described as Czech and Slovak cuisine, but I heard Polish and Ukrainian being spoken. The food was all vaguely eastern European and all very good. There is something about this kind of food that resonates so strongly with me. Eating the plate of sauerkraut and pork almost made me cry. It reminded me so completely of my grandparents house and my childhood that the reaction to it was purely emotional.

I had a similar experience years ago eating rye bread with butter and cheese and onions. I kept saying that it reminded me of my grandmother's house. Of her. I said it over and over because it was so amazing to feel that connection while eating in an unfamiliar place. My friends made fun of me, but they didn't understand.

I know it's not healthy to have such an emotional attachment to food, but old habits die hard. I can't say that my Baba made this exact meal for me, but the rye bread with sweet cream butter remind me of her. And the potato pancakes were always my grandfather's domain.

Anyhow, it's worth the trip. Your experience might not be as intense as mine, but you won't be disappointed.

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