Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Look how amazing, everyone! About a third of the results from my Needleworks, Inc. photo shoot. Aren't they lovely???

Check out my etsy shop and my ravelry store. They look soooooo pretty!

In other news, TBTL has taken over my life. Has anyone else hear this podcast? It's insanely addictive, hosted by the hilarious Luke Burbank, and broadcast 5 days a week, people!

I went to see a taping with my good friend, L, in Park Slope back in January and I've been hooked ever since. I mean, it's the only thing I listen to on my commute. This means that I'm not listening to music, I'm not reading The New Yorker, I'm not listening to This American Life. Here's a pic of the taping.

It's just crazy! I need an intervention. Maybe.

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Heather said...

Very nice! Great photoshoot - you must be thrilled!

My first collection is being shot this afternoon - I can't wait to see the results!