Monday, January 25, 2010

Um, so I had a birthday

Yeah, it is pretty much a blur. I do know, however, that it was perfect.

I filled the house with flowers, I cooked all my favorite foods to share with a few dozen close friends, and had (part) of my family come to dinner at my favorite Sunnyside restaurant. (Pssst! Do me a favor and don't blow up the spot, OK?)

Oh, but the gifts. You know your friends are keepers when they know you this well. I bagful of goodies came with my friend, Lynn, from Brooklyn. My mouth is watering just thinking about the Flying Pigs Farm apple and sage sausage in my refrigerator right now.

And homemade vanilla sugar from Ellen, for (in her words), "You know, making creme brule or whatever." Thanks Ellen!

Also, my roommate extraordinaire gave me the greatest gift of all. He helped me finish a home improvement project that had been the bane of my existence since September. More on that later. You rock, Kevin!

I have never felt so loved or so blessed. Lynn's mom said that her 30's were the best decade of her life. Mine started out pretty rocky, but have been progressively getting better and better. Which means that this year can only top the last one!

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Heather said...

happy birthday!

Any cake left?