Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ring in the New! (Year, that is.)

Last year, at the new year, I sent little DIY gifts to my best college friends, who are scattered around the country. They consisted of a homemade brown sugar scrub and some candies.

It was such a lovely idea - a little pick me up at the start of the year - that I decided to do it again.

I just couldn't resist these reissued classics. I'd seen them at Anthropology, but picked them up via Amazon. I got four, each one carefully picked for each friend.*

For, LF, the Pragmatist: "Sense and Sensibilty"
For MW, the Adventurer: "Great Expectations"
For CB, the Moral Sounding Board: "Pride and Prejudice"
For LK, the Romantic: "Wuthering Heights"

I included a recipe for spiced cider/mulled wine (whatever your heart desires!) on a little bit of paper, tied to a muslin bag that I got here. Dirt cheap.

My hopes are that they will be able to curl up with a long-forgotten classic, sip some soul-warming brew and have a cozy start to the new year.

Enjoy, ladies!!

*I didn't use full names for privacy reasons. You know who you are. ;-)

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Mom said...

You are so clever!!!