Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hi, friends! I keep forgetting to share this with you!!

Do yourself a favor, will you? Listen very carfeully to what I'm telling you and do everything exactly the way I describe it, OK?

First, get yourself and your special someone over to Motorino on Graham Ave. in Williamsburg. Share a bottle of wine, eat a Margherita pizza , but save room for dessert.

After dinner, wander outside, (maybe linger on the corner for a moment to share a kiss fueled by a pizza-eating induced high) and then head down Metropolitan Ave. to the corner or Manhattan Ave. If you look to your left you'll see the shining beacon of light that is Fortunato Brothers Bakery.

Go inside, order a cannoli (or two) and have a seat at one of the little tables. The lovely waitress will take your espresso order and bring your cannoli and your night will be complete.

This, my friends, is the recipe for a perfect evening. Trust me and just do as I say.

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Jess said...

fortunato brothers is the best!