Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So I've been slogging along with my knitting and not really sharing it with you all, because, let's face it, Tuscany is a whole lot cooler.

I haven't bought any new yarn this year and I've been devoted to working through my (modest) stash and finishing projects that I've had on the back burner for far too long. It's been a (somewhat) successful experiment.

Until now. This is Brights 1, from Rowan Studio 9. It's been hibernating for almost a year and when I picked it up, I had no idea where I left off. Not even what size I was making because nothing was adding up. I had even put it on a stitch holder because I obviously needed the needle for something else and I didn't know what size needle I was using!!

I ended up having to do a new gauge swatch and ripping it (this s the left front, the back is finished) to a point where I could recognize where I was in the pattern and count the stitches. It's been smooth (if not slow) sailing since then.

I also finished the Christie Bolero, but am a bit stuck, if anyone can offer me advice. The bolero meets (just barely) in front under the bust. When I hold it in place, it's really flattering and the fit that I desired, but when I added my button it pulled horribly. Does anyone have a tried and true method for sewing a button onto knitwear? One that is super sturdy? I'd appreciate the help!!!

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