Thursday, February 12, 2009

So, it's crappy self portrait time.
I've been too busy to beg my roommate to take my picture and all I have is a sad little point and shoot camera without a tripod, so I'm reduced to this. Taking a picture in our entryway with my downstairs neighbor's bike in the back ground. All I can say is that crazy bright new overhead lamp my super installed makes for good nighttime picture takin'.

I'm really not sure how I feel about Patsy. I want to love her, I really do. She looks so cute on the back of my office chair, or folded on my sewing table. Everyone loves her. But when I try her on (which I do bi-weekly) all I feel is, "Meh."

She's ever so slightly small. I could do with the fit across the bust since she is a Swing Cardigan and only fastens with one button (missing from this picture). But the sleeves! The sleeves, people!!!
I feel as though they hit at the most unflattering point possible. I wish that they were about two inches longer, ending at mid-forearm, rather that just below the elbow. I'd undo the binding and knit them longer, but I have zero yarn left over and also seem to be unable to locate a ball band to identify a Lot #. Yep, it's pathetic.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do just yet. I forgot to have my future sister-in-law try it on when she was visiting this past weekend. She's smaller than me and Patsy might make for her a better fit. Now, wouldn't that be a great pre-wedding gift?

P.S. I totally look preggers in that last picture! Terrible!
P.P.S. I also appear to have a triple chin! Even more terrible!


Veronique said...

Well, I, for one, love it! I love the color you picked, I love that cable, love the yoke, and love the shorter sleeves. A good spring cardi :)

CityMinx said...

Oh stop. It looks great!

Yay for FO!

margaret in manhattan said...

stop it, girlfriend! you look fine and the sweater is wonderful!