Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The family ventured to Brooklyn this past weekend for our first family dinner at The Works. I butterflied a chicken for the first time, and from the scraps, I made chicken and rice soup. This should keep me for a good week with cold weather on the forecast.

My Baba made the trip and brought us a special treat: kruschiki. My mom will be mad at me for not remembering the Ukrainian name for these, but Google let me find a recipe with the Polish one.
Baba transported the fragile delicacies in a big, mysterious box and when we unwrapped them, there was much ooh-ing and ah-ing. We all had a good laugh as we stuffed them into our mouths and the powdered sugar dropped onto our fancy, dark-colored, New York duds. If you could only understand how the little bow-ties melt in your mouth! The labor involved is worth the end product! Unfortunately, I never helped my Baba or Dido make kruschiki, so I have no experience with the recipe, but be bold, dear readers, and make some for yourselves!

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Love, Your Mom said...

"Hrusti" pronounced with a short i - is the Ukrainian word or the best phonetic spelling I could create...oh well - but they were delicious...