Saturday, January 05, 2008

After knitting exclusively on Master P's Christmas Present for nearly 3 weeks, I couldn't resist some serious swatching on New Year's Eve. Above, witness the beauty that is Mission Fall's 1824 Wool. It's my first time working with this yarn and I adore it! It's incredibly soft and machine washable, of course.

Just before Christmas, two friends of ours who live in Paris had a baby! I was itching terribly to knit him something, but it had to wait until Master P's sweater was complete. Of course the Mission Falls is for him, little Nathan. I started a little top-down, pea coat style sweater for him. My calculations were off, so maybe he'll be able to wear this in about, oh, a year and half!

(More photos as soon as I buy more yarn to finish the sleeves on this sucker.)

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Jessamyn said...

Little Nathan is a luck boy!