Sunday, December 02, 2007

Can you believe that on Wednesday I took this picture, and now we have this? I'm kind of happy, though. I love a serious winter - I get to break out my wellies and all of my hand knits! I also get to wear my new vintage coat that' s been sitting in the closet for a couple of weeks!

So, an update on the cats:

As I type, they're still hissing and growling. All day on Friday the rug was in the hall so I brought it in Friday night. I tried to get Penelope adjusted to it by putting her on top of it. I even (don't hate me) put her in the bathroom with it, thinking she'd have no choice but get her scent on it or whatever. No go. She freaked out if she even had to go near it! I mean, hissing and clawing in mid-air, hovering inches above the Voodoo Rug, as Master P had taken to calling it.

So I gave up. I put the rug in the hall again and I was up until 2am with the cats hissing and clawing over rights to the bed. They finally called a truce and both snuggled up with me, but on Saturday morning they were at it again. I picked Monk up and physically carried him out of the loft and downstairs with me. Penelope stayed in the loft all day and only came down to eat at about 8pm. Then, there was still much avoidance and growling on her part and a lot of sad, misunderstood meowing from Monk. I don't think he knows why he can go near her, you know?

They slept alright but started in again around 6am. They finally calmed down and let me sleep until about 10 o'clock, Penelope by my pillow (which is usually Monk's spot) and Monk curled up behind my legs. I fed them and now they're fighting.

It's not as bad as it was, but I can't believe that she still won't let him near her. While she laid next to me in bed, she would alternately growl at him and purr like crazy when I tried to calm her down. It's so weird. I'm hoping that by the time I get back from work tonight, they will both be curled up together on the couch. Here's hoping.


gleek said...

maybe the scent is still on monk. would it be worth giving him a bath?

Katie said...

That rug has some seriously bad karma. Get it far from your apartment, bathe both cats and totally disinfect any place that rug touched. I would guess it'll take a week or so for things to settle down.