Sunday, November 18, 2007

What happened to October? Or November, for that matter? This week was a blur of work and crafting, much like the past month.

That interview a while back? The position is still hypothetical at this point (something about budget, blah, blah), but I went in this week, freelance, to see if I might be a good fit. I can't really tell you who I'm working for, but I can tell you that if you read the New York Times, you will be seeing some ads that I styled with some handbags. Very cool.

In the weeks until Christmas, I'm going to be crafting mostly gifts, so they won't make an appearance on the blog. I thought I'd take a shot at a more life-style blog, though I already have catching up to do.

This is what my week looked like:
Sunday: work at The Point - all day
Monday: emergency evening shift at The Point. Knitting season is in full swing!
Tuesday: crash at home. Cooking, knitting, catching up
Wednesday: Project Runway Night at Kevin's house in Queens. Lasagna and Heidi Klum!
Thursday: quality time with Master P. Much TV: The Office, 30 Rock, My Name is Earl
Friday: date night. "No Country for Old Men" & Italian food
Saturday: much knitting & martinis on the Upper West Side with a special friend visiting from Boston (regulars at The Point know who I'm talking about!).
Today: yummy brunch with Kevin and his man, browsing around The Container Store, and hot chocolate at The City Bakery. The week is off to a good start!

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