Sunday, November 11, 2007

There I was, bleary-eyed, drinking a cup of coffee before heading to work and reading all of your blogs. I thought, "I haven't posted in a while. Danged dreary weather."

Then it hit me (it was only cup #1, OK?): daylight, sunshine, pictures!

I managed to get this pic of the latest incarnation of the felt pillows I was working on a while back. Felt on felt. I think these will come out a lot more like I envisioned. That's often the case with my projects, I find. It takes more than one try. I love how the monochromatic circles look kind of like a Lego!

I'm madly knitting and sewing what I hope will be holiday gifts. Everything else will be put on hold for now. I kind of like it, too. Just fun mindless, TV-watching knitting. Mindless is about all I can handle about now anyway. I'm starting down the barrel of 12 consecutive work days, so wish me luck!

(And a shout out to my dear friend, Lynn, who doesn't have a blog, but reads mine and, apparently, tells other people to read it, too! You rock, Lynn!)

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