Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Well, the Prepster Jacket is done and I even got to wear it once! Hopefully I'll have a few more chances, but, all of a sudden, it was too warm! A girl just can't catch a break.

I actually woke up early today and had a very indulgent morning. I drank nearly an entire pot of coffee and caught up on all my blog reading, while eating last night's left-overs for breakfast (whole wheat pasta with turkey, mushrooms, tomato and onions-yum!). Quite indulgent, indeed.

I've been itching to start something new (I have so many ideas!), but I've vowed not to until I complete The Urban Naturalist's sweater. The front and back are now done and half of one sleeve. I had to knit the sleeve twice because I knit it in the round and my knitting in the round is nearly two needles tighter than back and forth. That's right. I knit the body back and forth on size 8 needles and the sleeves in the round on size 10. Try to comprehend that one for a while, why don't you?

In the mean time, I needed a little something portable to keep me busy. Enter Wendy Johnson's Toe Up Socks. I had to do the short row toe three times until I was happy. Purling two wraps together isn't exactly easy, folks! I had to practice! Also, don't attempt it after a bottle of wine, while watching The Sopranos. You'll have to start all over again.


Macoco said...

Unfortunately wine and knitting don't mix. I really, really wish they did!

margaret said...

congrats on everything! I hope to get downtown at some point in the near future to say hey to you and all the other point peeps - miss you all terribly (please tell that to Helane??

Wendy J's toe-ups are my odds-on faves to do sox - and yes, I totally understand what you mean about hiding those short row wraps on the way back - too tough!

but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

cheers and happy Spring if that's possible,