Tuesday, February 13, 2007

homey tuesday

veggie soup
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Today was kind of like a vacation day at The Works. Did you know that every Tuesday there is an X-Files marathon on Sci Fi network? I spent the whole day watching Mulder and Scully and making comforting food.

I made a Birthday Resolution to be healthier. I figured, hey, I'm 30 now, time to get my act together. I'm trying to undo a lot of the unhealthy living I've been doing over the last couple of years by starting a whole new healthy eating regime. I've always been a big advocate of eating whole foods and eating seasonally, but I've had to come to terms with the fact that a baguette and a weel of brie does not make for a proper dinner. (OK, maybe once in a while...)

So, this veggie soup is an old stand-by. It's totally healthy and totally comforting. I also made the most amazing turkey pasta ragu. I'm eating whole wheat pasta, which is a really big concession for me, having been raised in a very Italian-American household, but all in the name of healthy living. Right?

I also made Orangette's chickpea salad, which I'm really excited about. Overall, I cooked up about 2 weeks worth of meals, maybe more, for under $30!

Oh, and knitting, I'm plugging along on The Urban Naturalist's sweater. I'm made peace with the the intarsia and I feel like I'm making progress.


gleek said...

mmmmm, sounds like lots of good cooking at the works! i wish i was home on tuesdays. i would love to just sit back with some x files :)

Sarah said...

Oh man, you really shouldn't have told me that about the X-Files marathons. That's totally going to turn into a big time suck. I mean, a knitting opportunity. Like I need more of those! :)