Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I had a super-big weekend, two weekends ago. So big that I am only just recovering.

First up, The NYC Knit Out and Amy Singer Visit. Amy Singer came to our store and all my worlds collided. Here is Amy with the Famous In My Universe, Carol. I love that Carol and Amy got to hang out because they are both really cool ladies.
The rest of the weekend was a blur. Needless to say, people who know me, know that I worked, and didn't participate in the Knit Out much. Oh well.

That very same weekend was a book release party for Heather, hosted by the fabulous Jill. Pictured left, Heather, Claudine, Jill and Berhan. This was Saturday night. The next day was the Knit Out. It was a action packed weekend.

Then, on Tuesday, it was Berhan's birthday. Why do I have no pictures of us singing karaoke at Berhan's birthday? Because it wasn't pretty. That's why. Trust me.

I managed to muddle my way through the week and then go to Boston this past weekend. I spent Saturday - Monday there. I will have proof of my visit (and knitting activity) for you tomorrow.

Now I'm off to watch ANTM and last night's Tivo-ed Studio 60. Farewell.

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MUD said...

Oh fun! Happy birthday to Berhan! I'm sad I missed the book release, knit out, etc....