Monday, July 03, 2006

sunday, sunday

sunday skirt
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Sunday was spent making a new skirt for the 4th of July weekend, wandering over lower Manhattan (because it seems the only place I can find the sewing supplies I need is P&S Fabrics), and suffering stoically in the sweltering heat with the Bunny V in my lap.

The skirt is finished (I'm wearing it now). The Bunny V(est) is knit and blocked and drying on the floor of The Works, awaiting some shoulder seaming and ribbing or something around the V and armholes.

I am now at my parents' house in NJ where it is a heavenly 72 degrees in every part of the house, the internet is DSL and I can eat grotesque amounts of chocolate covered raisins from the wholesale club until my heart's content.

(I've had a very productive couple of days. As soon as I can mobilize Master P, we'll have a FO photo shoot. I promise.)


Jessica said...

I'm rocking out in my folks' central air too--there's nothing like it when it's nasty-hot outside. Makes knitting and crafting just that much more fun, right?

john said...

Hooray for the Bunny V's! That should be a rock band - and your mom is the lead singer.