Thursday, June 08, 2006


pattern pieces
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This is the last of my photos from this past weekend. The last little bit of work I did.

I'm preparing to make two Pointy Kitties. They'll be different, but complimentary, colors with the same markings. Just like my kitties - Monk and Penelope.

I schlepped down to P & S Fabrics today to pick up some felt and ribbon for the kitties, but forgot to get any felt to make eyes and noses. Maybe I'll just end up embroidering them....

I have a reprieve from work tomorrow, so I think they'll be some kitty-makin' at The Works!


gleek said...

aw, POINTY KITTIES! i love that pattern. i'm totally good to make one soon :)

where's P & S fabrics? i'm trying to build up a good list of fabric stores and that's some really cute print action you got going on there!

Jessica said...

Hey! I schlepped down to P&S yesterday too! I didn't see you, but I sure saw a lot of strangers--that place was packed for such a rainy day.

Rebecca said...

P&S Fabrics is on Broadway and Franklin Street (below Canal St.) It's good for ribbon and embroidery thread and stuff. This fabric came from Purl Patchwork.