Sunday, April 09, 2006

now get to work

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I had a really full weekend. My cousin was staying with me and we went out on Friday *and* Saturday. Now, I'm usually a stay at home and watch Tivo kind of girl, so this was all a lot of excitement for me.

I'm pretty tuckered out today, but I feel the need to be productive. I'm not especially enamoured with what I'm knitting right now, so I'm staying true to my previous post about sewing.

These are peices of a very cute skirt. The pattern for which was given to me by the fabulous Barbara Kerr. She's an amazing knitting teacher and all around incredible woman. She's just very encouraging and nurturing and generous with her time and knowledge. She's also one of those people that I have to call by both names all the time. Barbara Kerr.

So, I'm still just sewing straight lines, but I haven't figured out what my score from Purl Partchwork should be yet. Until I do, I will just sew straight lines on my cute little skirt.

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madame artsy said...

beautiful embroidery, and a great shot. I'm enjoying your blog. * Kristin