Friday, April 14, 2006

I was inspired by a few blogland folks to do this meme. I saw it here and there, and I thought, what the heck?

Go over to wikipedia and type in your birthdate minus the year. Then, list three interesting events, three people who were born and three people who died on that day. Let me tell you, it was *not* easy to narrow it down to THREE! So many cool things happened. And also, so many cool people who were born (many of them actors, revolutionaries or Nobel Prize winners - that's saying something for us Aquarians, huh?) Go and check out the full list.

1832 -Edouard Manet , French artist (d. 1883 )

1910 -Django Reinhardt , Belgian guitarist (d. 1953 )

1957 -Princess Caroline of Monaco

1803 -Arthur Guinness , Irish brewer (b. 1725 )

1989 -Salvador DalĂ­ , Catalan artist (b. 1904 )

2004 - Helmut Newton , German-born photographer (b. 1920 )

1533 -Anne Boleyn , mistress of Henry VIII of England , discovers herself pregnant.

1943 - Duke Ellington plays at New York City 's Carnegie Hall for the first time.

1973 -President Richard Nixon announces that a peace accord has been reached in Vietnam .

Holidays and observances
National Pie day , created by the American Pie Council (I couldn't resist sharing this, too!)

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