Wednesday, April 19, 2006

about time

april curtains
Originally uploaded by Needleworks, Inc..
Remember this post about my 30lbs. of fabric? Back in, oh, February? We ran into a few problems with drilling into our cinder block wall. We tried a couple things and got some really great advice, but never followed up on it. Can you believe that? We're so lazy.

So, finally, I was home over the weekend and was complaining to my dad.

"Well apparently we need a carbide steel bit for the drill and our super gave us one, but it didn't work. So I guess we need to get a new one, but we haven't. So our curtains are on the floor."

Pretty sad, huh? Well, the very next day, Dad shows up with a carbide steel drill bit and some heavy duty wall anchors.

"This should be what you need."

Thanks, Dad. The curtains are finally up.

(I thought everyone might enjoy a view of The Needleworks. This is where the magic happens, folks.)


gleek said...

wow, look at all that light! must be like the face of the sun in there in the morning :)

john said...

oh my god...can I move in?

PassionKNITly said...

Send me an email (jwendellatgmaildotcom) to remind me to send you the images and tell you how to work the status bars.

And btw...LOVE the apartment. The colors are GREAT!

Rebecca said...

I get ridiculously good light in the morning, which allows for many lovely photoshoots.
This was taken at about 10am on my way out the door to work.