Monday, February 13, 2006

x-men evolution

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So after waiting for the snow to stop on Sunday, myself and Master P took a little trip to Sunnyside, Queens. I carefully packed up the front of my sweater and planned for a night of Olympic Knitting.

Our good friends Kevin and Carmen (you remember Carmen, right?) promised us dinner if we would trek out to Sunnyside. I've never been one to turn down a free dinner invitation, so off we went.

I managed to finish the majority of the front of my sweater while watching Bode Miller and Apollo Anton Ohno embarass themselves. The rest was completed the following morning while watching Master P and Kevin play X-Men Evolution 2 on the Nintendo Game Cube.

We spent the night in Queens after consuming mass quanitities of wine and deciding that we didn't want to pay for a car service nor take the 3 trains required to get back to The Works. Kevin made waffles and then we headed off to spend the afternoon frolicking in the snow in Central Park.

I cast on for my first sleeve tonight while watching curling (my favorite!) and I figure I can make at least one, if not two sleeves tonight. The sweater is moving a lot faster than anticipated, but I still have to correct my mistakes on the shoulder shaping, finish the cowl neck AND seam AND block. We shall see. We shall see.

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Very nice work!

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