Saturday, January 07, 2006

Rock the House Party till the Break of Dawn

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I hope there were no bitter tears shed for me here at The Works. It wasn't all stoic resolution here on NYE. We went out and didn't drag our sorry butts home until around 4:30am! (You didn't think I had it in me, did ya?)

The day after New Year's Eve was spent on the couch sleeping, eating, and watching a Sherlock Holmes Mystery marathon on the Biography channel. Not much knitting or anything of that nature. Oh! And my brunch was amazing, though I have no evidence of it - my memory card seems to have gone missing.

The day after the day after New Year's Eve my bestest buddy, Super S, and her husband, Top Cop, traveled from NJ to have lunch with me and Master P in Brooklyn at my new favorite mexican diner. The bonus? Seeing Drew, a dear old friend who, it seems, I only see once a year around the new year.

There are lots of good intentions for the new year here at The Works. Stay tuned.....

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Anonymous said...

I knew you had it in you to stay up and have fun!!