Thursday, January 12, 2006

any given sunday

Carmen's Demise #4
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What you are witnessing is the long slow descent into misery and rage experienced by Carmen on Sunday. You see, the Cincinnati Bengals suffered a nasty defeat in the playoffs.

It was not pretty.

If you want to experience stages #1 - #3 of Carmen's Demise, you'll have to go here. That is until I can figure out how to post multiple pictures at once.

That's totally me in the picture with Carmen, in case you couldn't tell. And I am using Carmen's real name in this post - he had fair warning. Every time I snagged a picture, I said, "This is going on my blog." In his state, however, he may not have realized that I actually had a blog.

Some Needleworks-worthy content soon to come. I promise.

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