Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Full Disclosure

I have a formula for clothes shopping/getting dressed.  It's really more of a color theory, but let me tell you, it's genius.  And it makes packing for vacation really, really easy.

The secret is I only buy clothes of a certain color so they all go together. 

I have my building blocks of neutrals, which are denim and khaki and sometimes army green.

Then, basically everything else I buy is navy or grey, with occasional yellow and orange accents.  Most of my tee shirts are navy or grey.  I have some special silk blouses that are gold.  A striped shirt in cheerful orange.

To be fair, the navy and grey kind of act as neutrals, too, but take one from each category and you have a complete palette.  So it's goes something like this: khaki + navy + gold = outfit. 

This spring I was inspired by Pantone's Spring 2013 color report and I expanded a bit.  See, the Linen is my neutral and the Nectarine and Lemon Zest are already there.

So, I added two new colors to the rotation!!! Pantone calls them Princess Blue and Kelly Green.

I know, crazy, right?  But what about the formula?? How will I ever get dressed in the morning?! 
Let me fill you in on another little trick.  I use the color wheel.  It may seem really silly (or crazy), but if you ever feel paralyzed facing a rack of clothes, this will help.  I find that if I stick to Complimentary or Analogous colors, then I can always come up with a perfect combo. 

Complimentary colors are across from each other on the wheel and Analogous colors are next to each other.  So, by following my new formula, Princess Blue and orange are Complimentary and Kelly Green and yellow are Analogous.

Here are some ways I plan to use my new spring palette.


Neutral denim jeans + bright blue sweater + dotty orange scarf

Neutral denim tee + kelly green skinnies + yellow sandals

Neutral grey tee + kelly green skirt + yellow flats

I'm super excited about my new spring palette!  Do you use a formula when shopping or getting dressed in the morning?  Have you ever resorted to something like the color wheel? Or am I the only (OCD) one out there?

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