Monday, September 17, 2012

Oh Hey!

I sometimes do other stuff over here besides talk about vegetables.  It's true!  Sometimes I do stuff like this:

Or sometimes I do stuff like this:

Which turns into this:

I've been holding off on sharing these projects because they were (are) gifts for a dear friend's little girl (who still hasn't made an appearance).  Of course I had to wait until I gifted them before I could share.

The sweater was from this etsy shop, which is now closed.  It's a very nice pattern, but it's written from the bottom up, and I have to say I really prefer top down.  The yarn is Spud & Chloe, which is my new favorite yarn for everything.  It feels like cotton, but knits like wool, which is a big deal for someone with wonky gauge like myself.  Superwash.  Awesome.  And the prettiest colors.

The quilt.  I can't even tell you anything about the fabric for the quilt except that it all came from Purl Soho, where the ladies who waited on me were so helpful and so kind.  And yet I still came out with waaaaay too much binding.  How does that always happen?  What I am going to do with it all?  

Anyway, this was my first Log Cabin quilt and I used this tutorial:

It blew my mind!  Did you know that's how you make a Log Cabin square?!  No?  Neither did I!  It's mildly addictive and I am already planning another Log Cabin quilt for the bedroom.  

It was also my first time tying a quilt, which I really loved, because I used a really lofty batting.  The lovely ladies at Purl told me to just use yarn, like Cascade 220, which I did and which totally felted to bits when I washed the quilt!!  So I had to cut all the ties off and re-do them with embroidery thread, which is was Alicia uses.  It turned out so pretty and exactly the way I imagined it.  I love the way the grey tempers the pastel colors and grounds the girl-iness and bit.  

I actually am working on another quilt right now.  And another baby sweater!  I'll share more of that soon. Bye!

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