Monday, November 08, 2010

Fretful Knitting

In the stress-filled weeks before I moved, I occasionally had the spare moment to knit. The management had my application for 2 weeks (2!) before they set the ball rolling. I had pretty much stopped looking at other places, because this was The One and I had nothing but time on my hands.

In those weeks, I would come home, pack a box or two in the name of positive thinking, and then settle in to watch a little TV before fretting myself to sleep. I needed something to keep my hands busy, but nothing too taxing on the brain.

My very cool friends who live in Paris, just had their second child. The first baby, I actually got to visit in person and he was the recipient of a little pea coat and knitted hat. L said that he wore the hat all winter until the nanny lost it. Well, I couldn't let N's new little brother go hat-less and of course he had to have a new one (to replace the one the nanny lost!).

I can't tell you how I made these. I think I Googled "child head circumference" and then cast on accordingly. As a result, they are a little on the big side. But, it's good to have hand knits to grow in to, right?

The yarn is Spud and Chloe worsted superwash. I really, really love it and will be using it for many more hand knits for all the babies being born around me these days.

Oh, and I included a I *heart* NY onezie and a tee, so the boys will know where their cool friend from the states lives. I can never resist a plug for good ol' NYC.

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