Thursday, November 18, 2010

Apartment Project- kitchen

In the last 4 weeks, I've painted my bedroom and living room, hung curtains, and painted my kitchen table and chairs. What I did not do was take any before and after pictures for you.

I did, however, put up some awesome temporary wallpaper in my kitchen, of which I have photos. The kitchen is black and white and the walls just seemed sooooooo white. I had intended the wallpaper for the entry way, but none of the walls proved a likely candidate.

So I started out in the top, left corner and it wasn't quite flush against the corner. So I stopped and called my mom. It seems, that this is not how one hangs wallpaper.

It appears that one has to first hang a plumb line. A plumb line, apparently, is useful for "determining center of gravity of an irregular shape". I improvised one with some yarn and a bunch of belt buckles.

So you have to hang the first strip a little away from your corner and follow the plumb line. Then you go back later and patch in the corner. This ensures that your pattern is straight across the ceiling.

This is the point where my first roll of paper ran out. This is also the point where I realized that everything - EVERYTHING - that I would need for my apartment would cost between $100-150.

And, ta-DA! The finished product (project). You can also see the table and chairs that I painted. They were a hand me down from my parents and about 25 years old. I love the new paint color. I was going to go with black, but decided to go really, really dark teal instead.

The kitchen has taken on a life of it's own at this point. It's gone a little glam, which I'm thrilled with.
More pictures soon!

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um, hi. can you come over and redo my apartment??