Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Howdy, ya'll! I was in Austin, TX this weekend for my dear friend, Carrie's, wedding. I only had about 36 hours to spend and 1/2 of that was taken up by wedding stuff and the other 1/2 it poured crazy buckets of rain. The rainy moments were spent indoors drinking $2.50 Lone Stars. Woo HOO, Texas!

The wedding took place at two mind-blowing-ly beautiful locations. These guys were hanging out at Green Pastures.

I wish I had another 36 (or 72) hours to spend in Austin. It seemed (from the passenger window of our rental car) like a really cool place to visit. I think all those present this weekend are planning another trip back when we can do it up right.

Congratulations Carrie & David!!! I love you both!!!!

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