Monday, October 13, 2008

The physical demands of my job can be as varied as they are unexpected. Some days, I'm on my feet non-stop. Some days, all I do is sit on my "you know what".

So while I do have a steady rotation of jeans and flats, I'm always wondering if I can get away with wearing a new pair of shoes, skirt, dress, you get the idea.

This was a kind of failed experiment: vintage high-waisted jeans and platform loafers. The jeans were great, the shoes, they hurt the feet. The terrible part is that cute platform loafers are a necessity when wearing, really, really wide leg, high-waisted vintage jeans to create the illusion of long legs. Wide leg jeans + short little me = stumpy legs. Thus the necessity of a little lift.

*Sigh* I guess neither one will be making it back into the work rotation.

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