Wednesday, October 22, 2008

OK, OK, I know it wasn't exactly fair to just drop an "Oh, I'm moving" and not provide the details. So unfair!!

I'm moving to Sunnyside this Saturday. I'm moving in with my dear friend, Kevin, who you may remember from his appearance here. It's the lovely top floor of an adorable two story house, with a front garden and a little gate and a stoop. I'm smitten!

And I'm going to have a work room. And office/sewing/yarn storage room. I'm excited beyond words. I'll be sharing it all with you very soon! Wish me luck!


Veronique said...

Your very own craft room?! Awesome :)

john said...

good luck! i'm jealous of your craft room. damn you. and i just realized i never got back to you about having dinner!!!! sorry!!!!!!! this week??