Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a magical weekend!! I finished the dress and found an amazing source to explain easing in the sleeves. Thanks to all of you who left a comment, but the good ol' World Wide Web saved the day. Again.

I spent Saturday with my favorite customers from The Point, who have adopted me as one of their own. A sweeter, more loving , surrogate family I could not as for.

The hostess extraordinaire was the fabulous (blog-less, and, alas, photo-less) Vere, who invited us to her new home in Jersey City. She has an amazing, charming house. With a garden. How jealous am I? Patty even managed to join us after her machine knitting class at FIT!!

It was a nostalgic Point weekend all around, while today I hosted lunch Chez Needleworks for two former co- workers. Knit Boy and blog-less, but fabulous, Sandy came over and feasted on food that I did not photograph. Sad.

Then, after they left, I stepped out on my balcony (fire escape) and saw this: A rainbow. Can you see it? It was really hard to photograph, but it was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

Do you think there's a pot of gold in that warehouse?


gleek said...

i love it when weekends totally cooperate :)

kaitlyn said...

So, did you do the sleeve as if you were seaming a knitted sweater? That's how my japanese sewing book has you set in sleeves and it makes so much more sense!