Wednesday, April 02, 2008

covered buttons

This week has been kind of long and maybe a little difficult. It seems as though, for all the time I spend alone, I'm not very good at being by myself. I'm trying to create new routines for myself that go hand in hand with my new job and new hours. I know it seems like it's been a long time in my new position, but old habits die hard and I'm still adjusting.

This is a picture of something that makes me smile. I just love covered buttons with a passion that is maybe a little inappropriate. They make me crazy! Since I bought these little button makers, I just seem to be making them with no particular objective in mind! These were from some fabric l used for a Christmas project. I really loved all of it and, consequently, saved every little scrap that was left over.


Sarah said...

I adore your covered buttons! They charm me, too. If I knew what a button maker even was, I'd no doubt run out and buy one.

gleek said...

very lovely buttons :) i'm sure you'll find the right place to use them someday.