Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Can a girl have too many neck warmers? Apparently not.

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This one is the result of Malabrigo that I bought at The Point's 3rd Anniversary party. I finished it in about a week. It just took me forever to get a picture of it. Details are on Ravelry. Now, of course, it's too warm to actually wear it.

present from john

This is one is a present from John, Mr. KnitBoy if you're nasty. You may recognize it from his blog a while back, where there is a free pattern. Lucky me I have a friend who likes to knit and crochet cute stuff that he'll never wear! I got really lucky on that one!

Oh, and the fabulous green neck warmer in the previous post? Mine, too. Another gift from my generous friend. I saved you a picture of me in that one. I figured the model look a heck of a lot cuter!

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