Friday, April 25, 2008

Back in March, when I posted my survey on what projects to take on my trip to Paris, the Alpaca Super Cowl was one of the chosen. I actually knit quite a bit on the flight over. (The way back was devoted to reading The Yiddish Policemen's Union.) I finished ASC just about a week after we got back. I've only just now been able to photograph it.


Of all the sweaters that I've improvied, this has to be the best fitting and maybe, just maybe, my favorite. I learned a lot about negative ease on this project. Something that's easy to play with when you are knitting from the top down and able to try the garment on as you go. I'm not sure how I would work this into something that I knit in pieces. Or how many knitting pattterns out there account for it. I mean, sweaters stretch, right?! How come I only just realized this?

The cowl is not as super as I envisioned it. This is mostly due to running out of yarn. Aparently Alpaca with a Twist was backordered "forever" on this particular color. I used 1,100 yards of sport-weight (they call it worsted, but it's not) alpaca. Knit on #4 needles for a nice tight fabric with lots of stretch without sagging. For the cowl I just doubled the yarn and used, I think, a #15 needle. More details on ravelry.


Master P has gotten really good at photographing me now. He basically just lets me stand against the wall and fuss around without telling me when he's taking the picture. The result is the natural kind of shot that I like.


margaret in manhattan said...

well, well - Master P sure knows how to take a picture of you!

and, of course, the sweater is sensational ...

planning a BIG birthday celebration of my own - the last digit is a big fat ZERO, FYI ;-)

gleek said...

master P takes fantastic photos!! the sweater is perfect. i love how it fits you. my favorite new trick is putting short-row bust shaping in to all my sweaters so that i can get the perfect fit. fantastic method!