Sunday, March 09, 2008

We leave for Paris in 2 1/2 days, and counting! I've already laid out all the clothes I wanted to pack and even found my old Paris Metro ID card. The main decision that is confounding me is what knitting projects to pack!!! Faced with a 7 hour flight each way, I'm panicking a little bit.

So, I'd like to enlist the help of you, gentle readers. I've prepared several options below and whichever you vote for, I will take with me! I'm thinking I'll need about two projects.
Vote away!

Choice A) The long, languishing Owl Cardi. I started this almost a year and half ago. The intarsia kind of drives me crazy, but if I'm stuck on the plane, I'll be forced to knit it!

Choice B) My current project, The Alpaca Super Cowl. I could potentially finish it and wear it in Paris!!

Choice C) A brand spankin' new project that I've been itching to start. Manos silk blend! Cute Rowan pattern!!

Choice D) Yet to be named, Very First Lace Project. I've been afraid of lace for so long, but maybe long flight will be the perfect place to concentrate on a new skill.

Choice E) Quick and dirty beret made out of lovely Rowan Felted Tweed. Fool-proof pattern and slightly mindless knitting. Will definitely have a hat when I come home!


Annabel said...

B) Alpaca Super Cowl and E) Quick and Dirty Beret.

When I fly transatlantic, I tend to get a little bit cabin feverish, which makes concentrating hard, especially combined with the inevitable personal space violations that are part and parcel of flying these days. Stick with something satisfying but not too taxing, and bonus points if you can wear it while you're there!

staceyk said...

Cowl. Beret. And maybe the lace, as a just in case I have time project. Have fun! And take pics of you in your new cowl in paris!

margaret in manhattan said...

this is your (somewhat) knowledgeable friend: start to learn something new on the plane, i.e. : lace!!! best thing for a long ride -
take it from someone who only flies when she absolutely has to - the city of light is much fArther north than we are in nyc - check out the meridians on a globe - so ... if you need something to wear once you're there, then do the beret - but it's not going to be any colder there than where we are here - trust me - it's the location of the jet stream ... forget the time change, just concentrate on the euro/dollar exchange rate that should really really bother you! ;o)