Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Almost since I started knitting, oh, back in 2003, I've kind of been winging it. There's a lot of pondering, in the knitting world, about process vs. product knitters and I am definitely the latter. I see a yarn and the yarn says to me (sounding a little like Pooh Bear), "Oh dear, I would really love to be a little cap sleeve pullover with a cowl neck!" And so I set out to make one.

Calculating and sketching all along (Wouldn't Mr. Hendrickson* love to see me now!!) I come up with something that looks like the picture above. Not a pattern exactly, but a rough guide for me to follow as I knit.

Since Barbara Walker came into my life, I haven't looked back. I use her top down method almost all the time because it's easiest for me to creep along, making changes as I go, if I'm knitting from the top. Most of my knitting happens on the couch, watching movies, so a lot of it is stockinette. I've never been able to keep anything but the simplest stitch pattern straight in my head and, frankly, fussy sweaters just don't look so cute on me. Hence, the abundance of stockinette, which I don't mind, cause I can watch TV while I do it!

Sometimes I wonder if I'm missing out. I lament the two inches of lace shawl that are hibernating at the bottom of my closet. But then I realize that in knitting, as in with the rest of my life, I have to accept myself for who I am! I admire and am inspired by the knitters who make beautiful lace and, at the same time, acknowledge that's not for me.

How liberating!
* My 9th grade algebra teacher.

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gleek said...

you gotta do what makes you happy! it looks like you're making another really cute sweater :)