Friday, January 11, 2008

Some of you may have noticed that I removed my blogroll from the sidebar. It was just too, too big, so I took it down. Maybe I can figure out how to link to it, since some of you said that you refer to it sometimes. Instead I added a "What I'm watching" and "what I'm reading" component. This is in keeping with the more lifestyle-y bent I'd like my blog to take.

I have a really basic understanding of things like html and Bloggers new format doesn't allow for too much wiggle room, but I'd like to add some more cool features. Can anyone tell me how to get actually pictures of books up there? That would be cool.



gleek said...

i would suggest getting an amazon associates login (it's easy) and then use their widgets to add books to the sidebar.

as to your blogroll, do you use bloglines? if you do, go to account and click on "blog settings", "yes, publish my blogroll"... and then there's a link in bold to the right of that. link to that in the sidebar and people can see your blogroll on bloglines.


Veronique said...

I was hoping that Steph would have commented before me! Glad to see that she did :)