Saturday, October 27, 2007

All this dreary weather does not allow for good bloggin' pictures! I had a really productive week, as promised, and nearly no photographic evidence.

I finished two skirts earlier this week, attempted to take pictures of me wearing them myself, the decided to wait for a sunny day and Master P to do a little photo shoot. No sun = no pics.

Then there's my Anna sweater, from the Rowan Studio One. I finished the back, but it just looks like a pile of mushy mohair (which I guess it is, in all fairness) when I try to photograph it. I decided that after finishing the back and knitting NINE inches too many, that I deserved a break of the Big Wool variety.

That's where this picture comes in.

It's a jacket inspired by one I saw a while back at J. Crew ( I can't find a picture of it now) and it's made of Rowan Big Wool. I love this yarn. I've never knit with it and I don't know why. It's really, really lovely. I started this baby on Wednesday and with another entire day of rain ahead of me, I think I may finish it this weekend! I can't wait!

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