Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Is there such a thing as Mohair Disorder? A Mohair Disease? A strange malady that makes you buy unnecessary amounts of mohair yarn?

I have the same obsession with mohair yarn that I do with suede shoes - I love them! They are both so pretty and both so unpractical! For some people it's sparkly things, for me it's fuzzy things. Go figure.

Still, I managed to take all of this yarn home last Saturday, without realizing the shocking fact that it was all mohair, until I pulled it out to gaze fondly at it. *Sigh*

I did use the orange (and it is Orange, with a capitol "O") Kid silk Haze to start the Kiri shawl on Sunday. It's my first lace project and I am really scared of it, but completely encouraged, at the same time, by the result of completing the first chart.

The green and the navy are destined to become two more cardigans. I'm only knitting cardigans from now on. Oh, and I have been knitting! I nearly finished a lady's version of The Ivory Buffalo sweater - I just have to finish seaming and knit the collar and button band - and I am half-way through a secret project. It will be revealed later. I promise you pictures, soon.

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