Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I wanted to post this picture quickly before I had to run off to work! While shopping for fabric for a dress at Purl (I'll post more on that later), I got totally ambushed by these guys. Five little fat quarters that may be the beginning of a "flying geese" quilt.

I tend to do a lot more sewing than knitting in the hot summer months, so a quilt seems like a good undertaking. I have a copy of a Denyse Schmidt book and a lot of enthusiasm, so we'll see where that gets me!

(Bev, I may still take that class. Let's talk later!)


Veronique said...

I have the Denyse Schmidt book too! Isn't it lovely and inspiring? :)
Can't wait to see what fabric you picked out for the dress!

Macoco said...

I've always like the flying geese pattern. The last quilt I made is showing signs of too much love so I may have to start a sewing project this summer. Judging by your choices - the fabric is a lot nicer than the last time I shopped for some!

Knittini said...

Oh yes def. I love your fabric choices. Yum.

lomester said...

Hey! Thank you for coming by my blog and leaving a comment on my new jacket. I wished I had your email so I could reply directly... but i don't :)

I love your fabric choices by the way!