Friday, March 30, 2007

I woke up yesterday with an overwhelming urge to organize my bookshelves by color. It must have been the Domino Magazine I read before bed.

I now have a blue shelf, a green shelf, a red & yellow shelf, a white shelf and a black shelf. It gives me an immense sense of comfort to look at my newly organized shelves. Sigh.

Color was everywhere yesterday. This is the skirt I mentioned. I bought this vinatge fabric from a really great store in Brooklyn back in November. The plaid patterns was a little too perfect so I cut it up and pieced it back together with the seams all a little off-kilter. I hope it will make an adorable summer skirt and that I will look chic, not like a walking picnic table.

(Oh yeah, I also had the privelidge of going to see Edward Scissorhands at BAM last night. I think that tomorrow is the last performace. Run, don't walk, and get tickets. Now!)

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