Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm easing into the new year slowly at The Works. Since I started this blog one year ago on New Year's Eve, I thought it'd be appropriate to do the little blog meme that I've seen so many of The Spiders tackling. Here we go. Copy the first sentence from the first post of every month.

January 2006
I hope there were no bitter tears shed for me here at The Works.

February 2006
I know you were all hanging around sitting on your hands with excitement, wondering if I took the desk my neighbors left in the hallway.

March 2006
Must. Post. Something.

April 2006
Have I told you about our place in the country?

May 2006
A very wise person once told me that you should never buy an article of clothing (dress, skirt, pants, whatever) unless you already have the shoes to wear with it.

June 2006
I'm sure I'm not the first one to ever utter the phrase, " is amazing!

July 2006
This is kind of a big step for me.

August 2006
This weather is killing me.

September 2006
So I finally had a chance to snap pics of my SP8 loot.

October 2006
This is it, folks. Tin cans covered in felt.

November 2006
I have a genius cat.

December 2006
I started this blog when I entered the knitting community.

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