Wednesday, December 06, 2006

what i do sometimes

bags at craft fair
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I started this blog when I entered the knitting community. Not a month after taking a job at a knitting store, I realized there was an entire universe out there where people who were just like me existed.

See, my whole life I never had a friend who liked to sew or knit or paint flowers on recyled chinese take out containers or decoupage old chairs that they found on the curb. The friends I had, I suspect, thought I was a little weird and wondered why I spent time trying to make a dress when I could just go out and buy one.

But then I heard that one of my customers had a blog. "What exacty is a blog?" I wondered. And then I saw one. And another. And another. I fell into a whole world of people who decoupage chairs and who look at things and, more often than not, think, "I can make that," rather than, "I will buy that."

So, before I even knit, I sewed. Not that I'm an expert, but my mom always sewed and it was the first thing I learned how to do. Way before knitting. And I've been making handbags for people for, oh, maybe 8 years or so.

And so last weekend I went to the craft fair where I sell my handbags every year. (You may remember seeing this fabric before.) I thought I'd give you a little peek.

After this weekend, I intend to update my etsy shop. It's been up for a while but I've kept it under wraps because I wasn't 100% thrilled with my "inventory", but I'll update the most recent bags (which I am happy with and which I think are kind of cute) and then it'll be all up and running.



gleek said...

horray! yes, isn't blogworld fantastic? i've been so happy since i discovered knitting and blogging. it's like a whole new life opened up for me.

can't wait to see your goods in the etsy shop.

Macoco said...

I'm learning more about blogland and am liking it more and more. I started reading and blogging because I had no friends that knit or were into crafts. It's amazing how many of us there are out there! ;)

Jessica said...

Blogs are great! I know, I feel like there are SO many more nice, smart, creative people in the world than I knew before blogs. And the things I see other people doing are so inspiring too!
Looking forward to seeing your latest Etsy creations. :)

Knittini said...

yay for the craft fair...have tons of fun! btw...i love your blog =)

Gruess von Deutschland said...

Your creativity and talent astound me. Those silly WWP people don't know what they're missing! :-D