Wednesday, October 04, 2006

felt up

grenn & yellow felted bag
Originally uploaded by Needleworks, Inc..

What's that? You were really sad because I said I would show you pictuers of my felted bag yesterday and I didn't? Then I showed you some lame picture of myself wearing a corduroy blazer?

I'm sorry. I promise to never disappoint you again.

I've started this felted bag series and this is #2 of 5 bags. They're very loosely based on a pattern from Magknits from a while back.

This yarn is Pierrot Print from Madil. It's a beautiful, multi-colored, thick and thin wool that comes in 200g hanks!

The green and yellow bag I think will have a handle made from ribbon or fabric threaded through some grommets. I have to wait and see.

In other news, I finished the body ribbing on the Mystery Sweater and now only have to do the sleeves!


john said...

Can I place my order for a bag?

gleek said...

oooh, the yarn for that bag looks decadent.

Jessica said...

Mmm, pretty--can't wait to see it all felted up!