Tuesday, August 01, 2006

too hot + birthday weekend = no progress

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This weather is killing me. I do not like summer. (I know I just heard a collective gasp from everyone reading my blog, but it's the truth.)

I don't like to sweat. I don' t like wearing skimpy clothes. I feel much chic-er in a lovely sweater/blazer combo and some great boots. I'm a fall/winter girl. Come on - I'm a knitter for Pete's sake!

It was Master P's birthday on Friday and we didn't stop celebrating until yesterday. It was a full, four-day-long celebration. That, combined with 101 degree heat has made me extremely lethargic. I can't even form a cohesive thought.

I managed to make my Adorn necklace. I strung it up while watching Signs, on DVD Friday night. I tried to work on Tulip, but the heat/exhaustion has fried my brain and I really screwed something up.

I finally put it down last night, turned to Master P and said, "This is thoroughly messed up." Then I went to bed. It was 9pm. No kidding.


city girl said...

At least the necklace is fantabulous though!

Lisa said...

I'm with you on the fall/winter thing... I am not big on the heat and skimpy clothes of summer either. Your necklace looks fabulous!! My, you are a crafty one!

Jessica said...

Very cool necklace. It's so hot, a necklace is about all anyone should be wearing today!

illanna said...

I love your necklace. The bows look like leaves- very natural looking. Don't worry- summer's short and September is right around the corner. You'll be knitting wool in no time.

Happy Birthday Master P!

SP8- Stacey said...

Gorgeous necklace! And I am also a fall/winter girl! You can't help but look good in a great blazer and yummy boots! Not the same effect as flip flops and a wife beater! Add to that my naturally curly hair that grows with the humidity!

Sandra said...

your necklace is throughly awesome. nice job.