Sunday, August 13, 2006

look ma - crochet!

crochet trim
Originally uploaded by Needleworks, Inc..
Tulip is nearly finished. I had so many issues with her, that she took much longer to complete than I ever intended.

I used three different needle sizes to complete Tulip. In the end, however, I was knitting back and forth on size fives. Jess tipped me in on knitting backwards to solve my tension issues. I have to say, I am getting better at it and my stitches look amazing.

I also never really crocheted before, so what you're looking at is a Needleworks, Inc. first. That's a single crochet trim, baby. Check it.

I still have to finish Tulip's trim and them block her. If all goes well, there may be a photo shoot tomorrow. Don't hold your breath.


SP8-Stacey said...

Looking good! Can't wait to see it!

Macoco said...

yay for the single crochet! ;) Thanks for the link about knitting backwards, I need to check that out.

Jessica said...

Yay for knitting backwards! And your single crochet looks great, too.
Tulips pics! Tulip pics!