Saturday, July 15, 2006

no knitting mondays*

sewing mosaic
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The weather has taken a turn towards the stifling and I've taken to sewing a lot more.

These are some progress shots and the finished products from the fabric I bought a while back at Purl Patchwork.

(The shirt was the very first thing I've ever sewn from a pattern I made myself! Not bad, huh?)

*Thanks Crafty Girl!


city girl said...

it feels good, right? i meant to ask you on fri if you had made your's way cool!

Jessica said...

Sexy skirt! I love it.

eireann said...

Hi Rebecca--
Thanks for the comment you left on my weblog (re: printed fabric). If you're interested in a commission, let's talk, for sure! I wouldn't be able to work on it until August, but I'd love to print a tablecloth with that image. My email is ohbara at gmail dot com.


michelleknits said...

excellent! i'm really into a sewing kick, too! and i think of you each time i reach for a pin from my new pin cushion!!