Monday, June 05, 2006

exciting news

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First piece of exciting new is that when I came home from a rather exciting, but exhausting night on the town with my buddy, Berhan (I will fill you in on the saga of my lost shoe at another time),I found this in my mailbox! Mini Sharpies from my Secret Pal! Have you ever gotten a gift or a note from someone that made you just smile? Even though you were totally alone and no one was there to see you, you sat down and just grinned? This is how my SP8 gift made me feel! Only the people who really know me, know how truly happy Sharpies make me. Others may scoff, but my true friends will indulge me.

Second piece of exciting news is the winner of my (not) radio contest is...........

of michelleknits.

I'm so excited that some new people decided to post some comments. To all of you out there who I know read my blog on a pretty regular basis, it was a little bit of sarcasm people. I hope I didn't really offend.

(Michelle, expect your bag to be delivered in a week or so. I was waiting to make the actual bag until I knew who won.)


john said...

Sharpies rock.

SP8- Stacey said...

I am glad you got your sharpies. I also love sharpies. And I couldn't resist mini sharpies! Can anyone resist anything mini? I can't!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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