Tuesday, April 11, 2006

knitting news

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This is the project that I'm not totally enamoured with. With which I am not totally enamoured. It is Fleece Artist Blueface Leicester 2/8 in color way Hercules. The pattern is something that's been floating around in blogland for a while - My So Called Scarf from Sheep in the City. I'm using size 13 addi turbos to knit the pattern big and loose.

I took this picture close up so that you can see the pattern. We'll have to see how the end result turns out. I think I cast on a few too many stitches. I'm trying to knit this exclusively so I can finish it quickly, but I hardly seem to make any progress on it. It's going on two weeks and I only have 12 inches. I've even started knitting on the subway, which I stopped because it was cutting into my reading time.

Anyway, I love the colors and I think it will be great when it's done, but it's not holding my attention enought for me to have any marathon knitting sessions like I usually do to get me through a project. However, my friend Kevin just let me borrow seaons 1 & 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer so maybe I'll have a marathon and bang out the so called scarf. I just want it done!

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